Meet the staff

The amazing staff at the Whistle Stop!

“I would like to formally introduce you to a man who makes coming to “WORK” A joy! Thank you Pat! You are one of the major contributing factors why the Whistle Stop Ale House made it through the Great Recession.” –Jeff and Melinda Lawrence, Owners


PatA gentle “old soul” who lives on humor and hot wings and has a penchant for TV sitcom trivia (he remembers it all!), Pat’s world is blessed with blue skies and he shares that with his open demeanor and frequent giggles. On a first name basis with everyone who has ever stepped through the door, Pat lives simply and locally and loves his job. You’ll become like family after he serves you a delicious hamburger and a favorite locally brewed beer.





Robin is a well traveled marathon runner; seeking out the sun every year to stay warm as she likes to leave our Renton winters behind. Like her name, she’s a bird that always finds the right moment to circle back to her home away from home, The Whistle Stop. This has been her flight pattern for the last 9 years. She loves her job, co-workers, bosses and her regulars and the comfort of being in a place that feels like she belongs, but she never takes the job home with her. Working out and running are her daily religion, and Robin is big on the lost art of skipping. You can often see her eating Chicken Masala or a Cranberry Gorgonzola Salad while dreaming about her next Hawaii getaway.





vivianFrom straight up whiskey direct, with a self-professed hint of loudness, to an over-the-top sweet cocktail confection easiness, Vivian is the well-balanced bartender. Family and friends first and a proud Mama’s girl, the local vibe and down home charm of The WhistleStop mesh completely with Vivian’s own home life. A happy workaholic who gets antsy unless busy, Vivian finds the occasional moment to shop and pursue her love and passion for fashion. Latest best splurge though was a new car!

Spicy Jambalaya is her go-to meal at work, but any and all food bring a smile to this girl’s face. Sweets, however, are her all time favorite, which makes her a natural at crafting new cocktails for the menu. Watch for her drink concoctions – she’s not shy on being adventurous.


cefCalm, deliberate with a graceful sense of patience, Cef delivers cocktails and drinks to the crowd of regulars he enjoys serving. His signature drink, an Old Fashioned, is not only his fav but his personal best. Cef is a lover of comics, art and women and has two arms full of well chosen tattoos to prove it. They are his pride and joy. Cef regards The Whistle Stop’s Reuben sandwich as top notch – high praise from a foodie on the quest for the best. If he could be completely awesome at directing movies, Cef would boldly go forth and film. Otherwise, he’s just happy to be a loyal, reliable guy that many come to regard as a good friend.